Ubuntu Leaders Academy

The Ubuntu Leaders Academy is a non-formal education project, developed by IPAV (Instituto Padre António Vieira), geared towards empowering young people with high leadership potential, from vulnerable contexts or who want to work there. It aims to accompany, facilitate, enrich and consolidate the development of each participant as a leader serving the community, promoting the relevant human skills and techniques.




This project invites the participant on an inner journey that challenges the way they see themselves and relate to others, becoming able, as Gandhi said, to fight for the change they want to see in the world. It aims to form leaders who are capable of caring, listening, trusting and promoting reconciliation by building bridges and promoting human dignity.




The Ubuntu Leaders Academy is a project that values each person's contribution, embraces the richness of diversity, recognizes and respects the value of each new perspective. Recognizing a shared desire to build a better world, it strengthens hope and motivation to intervene in society and transform reality.